All-In-One solution for betting shops

myQuickBet includes everything you need to run a successful business right out of the box: Sports betting games, casino games, number games, cashier software and back office management.

Flexible Virtual Football betting

Setup your system to meet your players gaming preferences: Single matches, Cup tournament or League comeptitions. Have any league in the world, adjust odds and margins for any specific markets and more…

Virtual Racing as real as it gets!

With myQuickBet large pre-recorded video library the action and realism is guaranteed! Bet on real action videos of Dog racing, Horse Racing, Bike Racing, Speedway Racing and Go Karts.

Quick and Easy Setup

Connect myQuickBet to one or two TV displays, enable internet access, turn it on and you are ready to go!

You can create your own event schedule for each unit quickly and easy: Show one game on each screen or have 4 in one screen or have all of them rotating in one single screen… You decide!


Have all the tools to shape your business the way you want: Choose what games are active and when, setup odds and margins for all markets or for each one separately.

myQuickBet is a fully scalable solution. Setup and manage a large number of units as subgroups with different business rules.

Top Games

myQuickBet comes charged with a popular suite of virtual games that all type of players can enjoy. Sports betting games including racing and 3D football, casino and poker, keno and lotto…

The system gets updated with new games made available via automatic updates so your business is always keeping up with market trends.

White label

Apply your own brand and identity to myQuickBet to make it your own virtual betting system.

You can display your brand, typography and colors in all information panels for all games. But we do not stop here; Moreover, you can include your brand in the football field advertisement, player’s t-shirts and more!

 Pre-Recorded Race Betting

Featuring an exclusive large library of real pre-recorded racing video action of dogs, bikes, speedway, horses and Go Karts! Bet on all the popular racing markets and watch real time results updates during the race. Virtual as real as it gets!

 Virtual Football Leagues

Virtual 3D matches featuring realistic odds model, league and cup competition mode for the main international leagues and all the popular betting markets available in real matches. All the footnall betting action every 5 minutes!

Live streaming Keno & Lotto

Beautiful hostesses will guide players in real time keno and lotto video draws. Play your favorite numbers or bet on lots of special bets!

Casino, Keno & Poker

Mini Roulette, Bet Poker and Keno… The classics everybody loves to play now in their most pure betting shop format!

Everything you need to run the business included

myQuickBet is an All-One-Solution including all the software you need to run a successful betting shop. In addition to the games you can also launch the cashier software from any computer with a web browser, print tickets and configure the TV displays and games.

Back office access allow operators to setup and securely manage one or more units from any laptop! Access business reports and control activity of all units from a single place.

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